First Home Owners Grant (FHOG)

Working your way through the maze of questions with the first home buyers grant application can also be very intimidating and can lead to sleepless nights wondering if you got it right.

We make it so easy; we handle all the paperwork, and your application for the First Home Owners Grant.  You don’t have to worry; we take care of everything.  We take the pressure off so you can enjoy the feeling of becoming a first home owner.

It is easier to get the experts at A2Z Loans to help!

There are lots of different criteria and questions to be answered to find out if you are eligible. We will be able to guide you through and make sure you have all the right information for us to complete the application. Below are some questions we get asked.

Frequently asked questions

How much is the First Home Owners Grant?

  • The amount is $10,000

Who can get it?

  • There are several criteria that needs to be fulfilled to be eligible. Here are some examples. You can only get the Grant once. You must be a citizen or permanent resident to get the Grant.

What is it for?

  • It is only available for new homes, either built or new, or substantially renovated homes. It is not available for already established homes.

What type of home can it be used for?

  • Newly built or buying off the plan house, apartment, or townhouse.

First Home Owner (New Homes) Grant

  • The First Home Owner Grant is only available to newly built or substantially renovated homes.

What is the maximum cost of the purchase of the newly built house, apartment or townhouse?

  • The total cost cannot exceed $600,000 to still be eligible.

What if I buy land and get a builder to build my home?

  • The total of the land and the house cannot be over $750,000 to still be eligible.

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